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Hi everyone,

I'm a Dutch photographer (my mother is Hungarian, so I speak the language, but writing not so much:) ) with a big aviation interest, mainly military. I came across this site trough Facebook, and was given a headsup by Faller Tamás

I'm thinking this is a brand new website, originated from Hungary and resembles one of the many sites that are out there. Great to see some people took the time and efforts in building such a site! I'll upload a couple shots in the coming week when I have the chance.

   Csaba Király  (Reply) September 22 2013, 11:00
Thank you Andras! We welcome all the aviation enthusiats from all over the world, it is very nice that you have Hungarian roots. We are looking for your photos. Yes it is a brand new site and we try to do our best to make it attarctive for spotters. In the coming weeks we will pulish some "aces" introduction and interview with Mr. Peter Besenyei and HunAF display pilots.
   Andras Brandligt  (Reply) September 22 2013, 11:08
You're welcome Csaba, looking forward to that:)
   Csaba Király  (Reply) September 24 2013, 20:45
Hi Andras, do you have any experience with inflight photography?
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