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Upload rules

AviationSpotters.net photo upload rules:

  1. We accept images from the world of aviation photography.
  2. Only those photos can be uploaded, which you have taken on your own or you have the right to display it. In case of you were not the original photographer of an image, but own its usage rights, you must create a separate registration for this purpose, where your username should be "your name + collection".
  3. Photos must be uploaded in jpeg format.
  4. Manipulated images or images with too much, or unacceptable corrections will be rejected.
  5. Do not load a series of same aircraft from similar angle. In the queue there can be maximum 3 photos per aircraft registration at the same time for any photographer.
  6. The acceptable image formats are
    Orientation Min Width Min Height Max Width Max Height Min Ratio Max Ratio
    Landscape 1024 px 575 px 1920 px 1452 px 1.33 1.78
    Portrait 768 px 1024 px 1200 px 1600 px 0.66 0.75
  7. The maximum size of the uploaded images cannot exceed 2 MB in full HD quality, otherwise the image will be rejected.
  8. Submit only your high quality images.
  9. By uploading photos every registered user accepts the fact, that all the uploaded photos will be screened by the aviationspotters.net screener team.
  10. The independent personal decision of the screener determines weather the uploaded photo will be rejected or accepted to the database.
  11. Any uploaded photo will be accepted after receiving acceptance form screener/s.
  12. Each photo will be rejected after receiving rejection from screener/s.
  13. The images with incorrect or incomplete data in photo description can be rejected with reason of MISSING/WRONG DATA.
  14. Photo rejection can be appealed - your appealed photo will be screened again by other screener.
  15. Decision made after photo appeal is final and irrevocable.
  16. In the screening process AviationSpotters.net evaluate the quality of the images. If we find the image has insufficiency from the following points of view, the image will be rejected.

    Rejection reasons’ list:

    • BLURRY
      Object has moved meanwhile photo was taken.
    • SOFT
      Image is not sharp enough. It could need more sharpening to reach acceptable level.
      Contrast is too high or too low.
      Uploaded image is either over or underexposed.
      Image was sharpened too much. Usually visible on jagged lines on the photographed object and bright halo effect in high contrast areas.
      Object is not in the middle of the frame. (High in frame or low in frame.)
      The horizon on uploaded photos should always be leveled and all vertical lines in real life should remain so on the photo.
      Object is too far. Depicted aircraft should cover as much space on the picture as possible. Exceptions are accepted when frame composition justifies it.
      Image is noisy, or grainy.
      Too much post-processing. It is not acceptable to use extensive cloning, parameters correction, color cast, exposure correction etc. Special HDR images should have proper remark in comments to screener otherwise it will be rejected.
      There can be many reasons for rejection. Each time we will give a comment what is wrong.
      The quality of the image is not acceptable. It may be the result of poor equipment, optical aberrations, poor weather conditions, not enough light etc.
    • COLOR
      Too much or too low saturation. Wrong white balance setting.
      Dust spots on the photo (caused by dirty CMOS sensor, or lens dirt). We will let you now where exactly we have spotted them.
      Every other reason will be advised by personal notice from screeners.


  17. In case of rejection we will provide you at least one of the rejection reasons.
  18. We try to find all the problems on each image and we try to give every rejection reason in our remarks under rejected photo.
  19. Screeners can not vote for his/her own photos.
  20. Images will be taken from the queue to the screening process by upload order. The only exception is for photos with Hot Photo category marking. The Hot Photo category can be used in special circumstances of a current, important event within 24 hours.
  21. Every registered user can see his/her screening queue and the status of each uploaded photo of his/her own at any time.
  22. In case of any missing or incorrect data or type of aircraft or place/ airport which is not included in our database please use “My request” subpage in order to make a correction or add the missing data to the database. Your request will be judged by the screeners, and you will be advised about the result.
    For instance in case of an airport not included in the airport database, please do your best to give the correct ICAO code of the airport, the closest city/airport name in format:
    airport name - city (ICAO code).
    For instance: Matkópuszta Airport - Matkópuszta (LHMP)
  23. Queue limit
    The users can upload maximum 5 pictures each day
  24. To the Spotter Life section only those photos can be uploaded, which you have taken on your own or you have the right to display it, further on with uploading a certain photo you expressively declare that you had permission from portrayed, presented spotter/s to take the photo and publish it.
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